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Re: Giant raptor claw found

In a message dated 97-12-03 22:29:15 EST, dannj@alphalink.com.au writes:

<< The earliest name I could find was Veldoraptor,
 named in 1889 if I remember correctly. >>

You probably mean _Valdoraptor_, a genus I named in 1991 for the species
_Megalosaurus oweni_ Lydekker, 1889, which doesn't belong in the genus

The earliest dinosaur name to use the root "raptor" is _Ovoraptor_, a name
published by Henry Fairfield Osborn in a faunal list in an article in
_Natural History_ magazine in 1924 but subsequently discarded by him in favor
of _Velociraptor_. In the same article, he named _Oviraptor_ (note distinct
spelling), a name he favored over _Fenestrosaurus_, published in that earlier
_Natural History_ article. There was a third theropod, _Saurornithoides_,
that Osborn described at the same time as _Velociraptor_ and _Oviraptor_,
whose name initially was going to be simply _Ornithoides_, until he
discovered it was preoccupied.