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Sauropod tails

A whip doesn't have to hit you teribbly hard to hurt like hell.  I don't
think sauropods got where they were by being feeble, and they didn't start
out big.  Elephants probably use their tusks and intraspecific combat
mainly because who else will fight with them?  They also use their trunks
as weapons- my father was literally thrown through the air by a blow from
an elephant's trunk when he was young.  Sauropod tails still seem like
something you'd want to watch out for, to me.

> >1.  Don't other animals (like Alligators) use their tails 
> >defensively?  What are the reasons paleontologist reject defensive 
> >use of tails by sauropods?
> At a guess: a sauropod tail is *far* less robust than an alligator's.
> 'Gators have great honking *big* tails.