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Re: "raptor" names (was Re: Giant raptor claw found)

Ronald Orenstein wrote:
> >At least we don't have the situation that hemipteran (true bugs) workers do,
> >with the genus name _Chisme_ (pronounced "kiss me"), and other genera
> >_Polychisme_, _Marichisme_, _Dolichisme_, _Ochisme_, etc.
> >
> >Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
> I was under the impression that these names had been suppressed by the
> ICZN.  No?
> Anyway, invertebrate-taxonomy folks have lots of fun with names.  There is
> a spider named Draculoides bramstokeri, and two wasps named Polemistus
> chewbacca and P. yoda!

I recall reading somewhere that some entomologists have had enormous fun
with classifying certain genera of nearly identical moths.  One chap
used to assign generic names like "Vexata," "Perplexa," even one called

And an ornithologist who worked over Darwin's finch specimens from the
Galapagos named one species _Geospiza incertis_, which translates
roughly as "ground finch, I guess."

-- JSW