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"Godzilla" pics are fakes!

The sketches being circulated on the WWW that are supposedly of the new
TriStar Godzilla are fakes, according to a letter from Centropolis to
Jonathan Mock, reproduced below.
Guy McLimore
GFORCE listmaster
> *   *   *   *   *
> >Got this in my mail box this morning from Centropolis...
> >>Thank you for your concern regarding the pics. Taking the lead from
> >>George Lucas, we knew people would clamor for shots, so we've put 
> >>out a bunch of fakes (even to our own Merchandizing partners) to 
> >>find the leaks in our security.  Well it worked.
> >>
> >>Scott Yamano
> >>Centropolis Interactive
> >>
> >>P.S. Check out the poster of Godzilla VS. the Thing if you are 
> >>curious where the images came from.
> >>