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drawing segnosaurs

>I just finished a drawing of a Segnosaurid walking in a Megatherium positure. Whith the fingers and toes, pointing in and backwards.

What do ya think?




I hope you didn't spend too much time on your drawing, because I presume the idea was wrong. It was obviously based on a theory that segnosaurs had similar life-styles like the extinct ground-sloths.

However, the whole anatomy and especially shape of limbs (not to mention head and neck region, of course) of Megatherium is completely different from segnosaur's, starting from claws on the front limbs (though they both have three claws on each forelimb), which are relatively short in Megatherium and very, very long and SCYTHE-like (the word is perfectly chosen) in Therizinosaurus. The knuckles are heavy and more massive in Megatherium, designed to bare part of the weight of the animal while moving or standing on all fours. The hind limbs differ even more. While segnosaur's hind limbs are long and built basically like those in theropods and ornithopods, Megatherium had robust short hind limbs and plantigrade feet. Segnosaurs were probably much faster moving large bipedal dinosaurs, while Megatherium was elephant-size quadruped mammal.

In other words segnosaurs probably didn't walk using their front limbs (knuckles).

By the way, the fossil tracks usually show that toes of theropods and some ornithopods did point slightly inwards.


Berislav V. Kržič (Krzic)
Beri's Dinosaur World