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Megaraptor report

HI I was wondering if anyone can help me with my Megaraptor report.  I 
have a subscription to National Geographic and saw a note about it with 
its claw.  The info given will get me very far when it has to be 2 pages 
long.   I have looked as much as I can on the internet and I have not 
been able to find much.
Here is some things I need to know:
1.  What was it?  I read in USA Today that it was not a dromeasaur.  SO 
what kind of dinosaur was it if not a dromeasaurid?
2.  Where can I find stuff on pictures of its ulna, finger, and tibia(I 
think that is what it is. It could a fibia)? 
3.  What did it eat?  I can figure meat from the giant claw but what 
kind of meat(Argentinosaurs, Kritosaurs, Armargasaurs, that sort of 
4.  Anything else about it like its habitat, conditions of discovery,  
sanity of finder, that sort of thing?  And I mean anything else about it 
that is known and in theory.  This would help a great deal and would be 
greatly appreciated by a kid who does not want an F for what is 
currently a 3 paragraph report.

Thank you so much in advance to those who can help me.  By the way, I 
heard there was going to be a short note about it in the JVP.  Is there 
anyway I can get a hold of this particular article.  If it is out and 
you can send it by email, I will be forever in debt(or at least until 
the end of the quarter.

                                       Jason Perry

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