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Re: drawing segnosaurs

Berislav Krzic wrote:
> However, the whole anatomy and especially shape of limbs (not to
> mention head and neck region, of course) of Megatherium is completely
> different from segnosaur's, starting from claws on the front limbs
> (though they both have three claws on each forelimb), which are
> relatively short in Megatherium and very, very long and SCYTHE-like
> (the word is perfectly chosen) in Therizinosaurus. The knuckles are
> heavy and more massive in Megatherium, designed to bare part of the
> weight of the animal while moving or standing on all fours. The hind
> limbs differ even more. While segnosaur's hind limbs are long and
> built basically like those in theropods and ornithopods, Megatherium
> had robust short hind limbs and plantigrade feet. Segnosaurs were
> probably much faster moving large bipedal dinosaurs, while Megatherium
> was elephant-size quadruped mammal.

EY! I didnt say that Segnosaurs and Megatherids where IDENTICAL!!!
I could have wrote a Tyrannosaurus crawling on all four too...but a 
Segnosaur looks a bit more intelligent...

> In other words segnosaurs probably didn't walk using their front limbs
> (knuckles).



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