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Re: Sauropod Tails (The End...and a bit more)

AETHERaptr wrote:
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> 4. The same goes with the anklosaurs. Reseach has shown that the tail club
> which a number of anklosaurs possessed was filled with thick blood vessels.
> Now, imagine yourself wearing a big, thick, heavy armor coat in the middle of
> the summer. It would get QUITE hot. So the tail 'club' would have served as an
> excellent air conditioner, especially if being lightly swung in the air. Now,
> it you had a tail club filled big blood vessels, would you want to risk
> swinging it at enemies. I don't think so.
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I have often imagined ankylosaur tail clubs with false eye spots
to lure predators away from the head and neck. In this fashion they
could act like the stumpy tails of Australian shingle back lizards
that resemble a second head.
        Whether it is ankylosaur tail clubs, stegosaur spikes,
ceratopsian horns, or sauropod tails, I don't think we should 
ever discount the possibility of bluff playing a major role in 
warding off predators. In that case the actual structures
need not be physically capable of what they suggest they can do,
they just have to be convincing.
        The are also many species of knob-tailed geckos. The last I
heard there was no clear function for these knobs, so there is always
the possibility that there are things going on in nature that we are
yet to understand. On second thought, make that a certainty.
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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