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Re: "raptor" names (was Re: Giant raptor claw found)

I wrote:

 >To try to even mention a dinosaur in this
 >otherwise entirely off-topic message, before there was Gojirasaurus, there
 >already a crustacean Godzillius.
And Thomas Holtz replied:
 <Actually, I had read that the amphipod in question was actually _Godzilla_,
 not _Godzillius_.  Might there be more than one of these taxa?  Also, does
 anyone have a reference for either?

I have found no mention of an amphipod actually named _Godzilla_. However, the
genus _Godzillius_ is indeed very real. The type species is _G. robustus_, and
two more species have been described. It was named in 1986 by Schram, Yager, &
Emerson, and was unique enough to warrant a new family, the Godzilliidae.
Another Godzilla-based genus is in this group, _Godzilliognomus_ Yager, 1986.
If anyone knows the 1986 Schram, et al article please tell.

-C. Kammerer