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Re: Sauropod Tails (The End)

> 3. Concerning the topic of the dinosaur horns and frills that was brought up
> by one of our subscribers, I would like to say this: Forget everything you
> know. Forget all images of Triceratops gouging a Tyrannosaur while it tries in
> vain to chomp on the neck that is protected by a heavily armored frill. New
> evidence suggest that this portrayel is far from the truth. Recent research
> has shown that the neck frill of a Triceratops was, in fact, loaded with blood
> vessels. These vessels, being so close to the skin, would have made an
> excellent air conditioner to protect from overheating. As for the 

Don't forget the possible use of the the frill in intraspecial display.
Also do you have a bibliography for the information on the ceratopsian
frills? It sounds very interesting.