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Sauropod tails

Rich Travsky wrote:

>>The problem I've had with this whole thread is how the sauropod could aim.

How much mobility and flexibility is there in the neck such that whipping

the tail would be anything more than hit or miss? Smacking at random is

one thing; cracking like a whip with intent and accuracy is quite another.

You don't have to be accurate to deliver a whip lash - the target will be hit on any point of the whip's trajectory. Besides, animals learn to aim quickly. Remember that many lions died because of the broken jaw, an injury inflicted by zebra's kick with hind legs. This maneuver requires even greater precision. Zebras and horses practice this kick in their game daily. Sauropods probably practiced their whipping skill, too.


Berislav V. Kržič (Krzic)
Beri's Dinosaur World