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Re: Unnamed species...STILL unnamed???

In a message dated 97-12-07 10:04:25 EST, padron@online.no writes:

<< I wonder if some of you know is any of these dinos have recieved name 
 The theropod vertebra on New-Zealand.
 A long snouted Albertosaurus-like Tyrannosaurid.
 A Mongolian Troodontid. (1994)
 The famous "Linsterosaurus"...!
 The Antarctic Plateosaurid found whith Cryolophosaurus.
 The 15m. long Brachiosaurid from Arizona (1996?-97?).
 The Wight Brachiosaur.
 The Antarctic Ankylosaurid/Nodosaurid.

None of these has been formally named yet. To these you might add "Large
Mongolian dromaeosaurid" (it's apparently about the size of _Megaraptor_ and
represented by better material). There are also numerous new genera of
dinosaurs to be described by Kirkland and his colleagues from the Cedar
Mountain sites (new early lambeosaurid, new ankylosaurs, etc.).

Why not start a file of undescribed dinosaurs somewhere on the Web? Fully
referenced, of course.