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Re: Sauropod Tails (The End)

I never said anything the tails actually coming in contact with a predator. I
was saying that the 'crack'ing sound would be enough to hurt a predator.
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AETHERaptr <AETHERaptr@aol.com> wrote:
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> 2. However, a flick of the sauropod tail with a small amount of force could
> have produced a sound 'crack' of over an ear-splitting 200 decibels. How
> of you have actually had a bullwhip cracked near you? I'm not talking about
> watching an Indiana Jones movie, or seeing one cracked during a circus show.
> I'm talking about having one cracked only a foot away from your face, by
> someone who truely knows how to use one. I have, and let me tell you
> something; even if the whip doesn't hit you, the 'crack' alone is enough to
> scare the wits out of you. And THAT was only about 100 decibels. Now,
> imagine that whip being a WHOLE lot bigger, 2,000 times more powerful, and
> creating a 'crack' of over 200 decibels. Believe me, even without physical
> that would be enough to scare, maybe even hurt, any hungry predator.

The problem I've had with this whole thread is how the sauropod could aim.
How much mobility and flexibility is there in the neck such that whipping
the tail would be anything more than hit or miss? Smacking at random is
one thing; cracking like a whip with intent and accuracy is quite another.

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