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Oviraptor embryo pinkys

jwoolf@erinet.com (Jonathon Woolf) noted:

>I don't know about the troodontids, but I've heard that the single
>Mongolian oviraptor embryo that had a hand preserved, had it preserved
>_inside_ the shell, underneath the rest of the embryo.  They would have
>to dig through from the other side to reach it, and apparently they
>don't want to do that.  So, the oviraptor embryo is effectively useless
>for answering this question.

How about a CAT-scan?  The usual 3mm increment-scans would be a bit
course for
such small bones; anyone know what the smallest increments the newer
can slice at?  Andy Leitch isn't on this list, is he?   Ralph?