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re: Hell Creek Theropod "B"

>By the way, I wonder which, if any, of the theropods you have listed is
>the "Theropod B" from Currie's article in SVP a few years back.  Those
>teeth were supposedly not tyrannosaurid but were pretty large.

I was unaware of this designation. If you hear more, let me know.
I do remember Currie reporting on an extremely large dromaeosaurid-esqe
looking theropod tooth from the *Judith River Formation* further south
of the Hell Creek outcrops, but still in Montana.  The Judith River
Formation is Campanian, and overall, it is much much richer in dino
taxa than the Hell Creek Fm. (the ol' extinction/speciation ratio
raises it's ugly head again!)

The Hell Creek Formation has yielded some quite large ?dromaeosaurid
teeth (all, unfortunately, un-connected to the rest of the critter).
I have seen a few of 'em, and they look like
Velociraptor teeth, except they are about 4-5 times the size.
The teeth are so highly laterally-compressed (for their size), that it
strains my understanding why these teeth didn't just snap off
during a bite.  They look superior to steak knives in cutting
ability, though.