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Re: Carcharodontosaurids and Abelisaurs

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Brian Choo wrote:

> Rapator ornitholestoides = 1 isolated metacarpal. Maybe an abelisaurid,
> maybe not...
I thought that Ralph Molnar had made the suggestion that Rapator might be 
an abelisaurid way back when the Abelisauridae had only just been
recognised. I don't know his reasoning behind the suggestion but I think
it is a fair guess to say that it was based largely on biogeography. 
Sereno et als recent work has shown things are far more complicated than 
Gondwanan and Laurasian dinosaur faunas in the Cretaceous, so little
faith should be placed in an argument from biogeography alone. Now that
the manus of Carnotaurus has been figured and described we can say that
its metacarpal 1 is not even remotely similar to that of Rapator. Still
there are the less modified Abelisaurids such as Indosaurus (for which the
new partial skeleton has only been briefly described) which may bear more
resemblance to Rapator. 


Adam Yates