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Re: Unnamed species...STILL unnamed???

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
>None of these has been formally named yet. To these you might add "Large
>Mongolian dromaeosaurid" (it's apparently about the size of _Megaraptor_ and
>represented by better material). There are also numerous new genera of
>dinosaurs to be described by Kirkland and his colleagues from the Cedar
>Mountain sites (new early lambeosaurid, new ankylosaurs, etc.).

And how about:
--Bakker's "long-snouted Daspletosaurus"
--the sequential series of evidently evolving theropods Horner et. al. had
--That enormous, unfortunately damaged Montana Tyrannosaur--Is it
Tyranosaurus rex or isn't it?  And in either case does it have anything to
do with the UCMP #118742 maxilla?

>Why not start a file of undescribed dinosaurs somewhere on the Web? Fully
>referenced, of course.

Excellent idea, IMO.

Seth A. Elestad.