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Re: Unnamed species...STILL unnamed???

At 11:28 PM 12/8/97 -0600, Seth A. Elestad wrote:

>And how about:
>--Bakker's "long-snouted Daspletosaurus"

The Field Museum "Albertosaurus" is this "long-snouted" Daspletosaurus.
Work on that project is progressing, but the participants (Currie & Bakker)
have a lot on their plate.

>--the sequential series of evidently evolving theropods Horner et. al. had

The workers on THAT project (including me) have a lot on their plate,
including posting to the internet... :-)

>--That enormous, unfortunately damaged Montana Tyrannosaur--Is it
>Tyranosaurus rex or isn't it?  And in either case does it have anything to
>do with the UCMP #118742 maxilla?

A) Word has it that it is (actually, they are, in this case...) T. rex.
Rigby tried to be cautious with the press ("It is probably T. rex, but we
can't say for certain at the moment"), and the press went ape over it
("Rigby says that it is *probably* not T. rex"), and the people on the net
went ape over that ("The news said it isn't T. rex").  I'm surprised no one
here has tried to name it yet... :-S

B)  It is a different specimen than the UCMP maxilla.  Given that the
specimen IS NOT YET PREPARED, how the HECK would we be able to compare
relative size.

Patience, people, patience.  Paleontology takes time.  Do not expect
instantaneous results.  Deal with waiting.

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