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Re: Sauropod Tails (Restatement)

I like that theory, but don't really agree with it.  I think the  
Sauropods would need good ears as well.
so they could hear the predators.  Even with their long necks they'd 
probably need good ears
to hear the predators that hunted them.  I believe that some of the 
Therapods could probably hide well so they
could sneak up on the Sauropods to attack.  So wouldn't the crack hurt 
their ears as well?  It may be
a good way to prevent one attack, but think how damaging it would be to 
their hearing as
as well as the Theropods hearing.  After a while they would, I believe,  
have a lot of trouble hearing,
making them more vulnerable to attacks.
     Also, if a Theropod that heard too many 'cracks' tried to attack, 
probably wouldn't be bothered by another one, forcing the Sauropod to
use bodily contact to defend itself.
Larry Akins
>You are all missing my original point! You keep speaking as if the 
tails were
>to be used has contact weapons. 
>The theory that I stated was that it was the SOUND of the 'crack' that 
was the
>sauropods weapon. A therapod dinosaur would probably have evolved 
>ears to help it hear potential prey. A large 'crack' sound that the 
>were probably capable of creating could have been more than enough to 
>the sensitive eardrums of a therapod. That kind of pain would easily
>discourage a predator from attacking.
>Chris DeCarolis
>"Little white lies oil the wheels of society." - Brian Copcea 

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