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Re: Sauropod Tails (Restatement)

The *whip crack* we are talking about is an extremely high decibel (LOUD) noise
made by whips in a unique manner.  Anything of similar structure has the 
of making the same noise, but whips are well-constructed to meet the conditions
necessary to make the noise.  Whips do not make the *whip crack* noise when
hitting anything.  Nope, not at all.   Whips make LESS noise when hitting
something than when making the *whip crack*.  Anything else you've seen or heard
is Hollywood.  It takes certain physics to make the noise and that can't be met
while hitting anything.

<<You keep speaking as if the tails
were to be used has contact weapons.>>

Nope, I have been speaking of the whip's capabilities as a noise maker as well 
a contact weapon -TWO separate functions.   You can go back and check.   You 
MORE room to make the *whip crack* than to use a whip as a contact weapon.

Whips are not noise makers in themselves whatsover; no ratchets or rattley bits.
To make the noise *whip crack*  you need to snap it as described (and most
amateurs won't get a *whip crack*  doing this either.  It's a skill).  If you 
to start talking old radio noise makers (such as bending pieces of metal or 
slapping) sure, heck why not?   The noise made by slapping that much tissue 
be pretty loud and scary.

You've got sensitive hearing evolved to hear predators sneaking up on you.  When
the whip cracked near you, did it damage your sensitive hearing?  Did it cause 
pain?  Or did it just startle you?  Animals that make noises as defense (to my
knowledge) use it merely to startle the predator, not to damage the predator
(blatantly disregarding the humpback whale that uses noise to corral
krill-different medium to send sound through and it sends bubbles along with the

But the article has referred to a PARTICULAR noise that is made a single and
particular way (*whip crack*) and I doubt they had room to meet the conditions 
make such a noise regularily on demand and would not be able to do it without
major injury to themselves anyways.

-Betty Cunningham

AETHERaptr wrote:
<<You are all missing my original point! You keep speaking as if the tails
were to be used has contact weapons. The theory that I stated was that it
was the SOUND of the 'crack' that was the sauropods weapon. A
therapod dinosaur would probably have evolved sensitive ears to
help it hear potential prey. A large 'crack' sound that the sauropods
were probably capable of creating could have been more than enough
to damage the sensitive eardrums of a therapod. That kind of pain would
easily discourage a predator from attacking.>>