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Re: thought for the day

In a message dated 97-12-09 18:13:07 EST, you write:
>       Did anybody out there hear the segment on today's "Morning Edition" on
>       National Public Radio (US) dealing with the fate of the supercollider?
>        I missed it, but I'm told that the reporter said something very 
>       clever:
>       "A scientist without data is merely a philosopher."
>       This aphorism appeals mightily to a militantly unrepentant 
>       non-postmodernist number-cruncher like myself, and I'd be interested 
>       in learning if anybody knows who came up with the saying.  Has it been
>       published?

The quote is:  "Without colliders, particle physicists become philosophers
telling more or less plausible stories about how the universe came to be
the way it is."   The speaker is Ivan Amado (sp?).  There is no indication
that he is quoting anyone, but transcripts are available.

This is on the NPR web site and can be heard with Real Audio: