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Re: Inostranscevia

you wrote:
> Can anybody supply the "secondary" name(s) of Inostranscevia?  Like
> Inostranscevia Biguglycritteri? A friend asked me for this and I have no
> reference material that is helpful-- thanks.

Genus Inostrancevia Amalitzky 1922.
Type species: Inostancevia alexandri Amalitzky 1922.

Inostrancevia alexandri Amalitzky 1922.
 (syn. Inostrancevia proclivis Provoslavlev 1927) 

Inostrancevia latifrons Pravoslavlev 1922.
(syn. Amalitzkia vladimiri Pravoslavlev 1927, Inostrancevia vladimiri 
Vjushkov 1953)
(syn. Amalitzkia annae Pravoslavlev 1927)

Inostrancevia uralensis Tatarinov 1974.

All Inostrancevia material is from the Upper Tatarian of Eastern 
Europe ("Zone IV").
I. alexandri and I. latifrons are found in the Northern and Little 
Dvina valley respectively, Northern Dvina horizon,  Arkangelsk 
I. uralensis is from the Ural river basin, Viatka horizon, Orenburg 

Pieter Depuydt