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Re: whip tails

I for my part wonder if there are reports  of stress fractures or 
degenerative osteoarthritis in the tail vertebrae of the sauropods, 
pathology you would expect from the repetitive strain injury 
that would be undoubtedly induced by repetitive "whipping" 
of the tail...

Pieter Depuydt

> Well the new york times science section  had an artical about whip tails and
> said that a computer simulation  by Nathan Myhrvold showed that the super
> sonic tail was possible. He apparently had discussions with Currie. It said gs
> Paul was "well it might be possible but a lot of other people hate the idea".
> Then said Ken Carpender said garbage in garbage out which is reall the case
> hear. I think these people don't really know how the whip works and will our
> local expert (Betty)flame me if  i'm out of line. But as I remember as a young
> amature (guarding my whatevers) it is the bits of cow hide tied to the end
> that really reach these speeds and produce the sound. When you pull the whip
> back the pieces snap together causing the noise. Now if that's true, how the
> hell does the dino replenish its tail pieces because they really wear out
> fast. Anyhow the artical is worth reading for enjoyment if not reality.
> paul sparks