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In a message dated 97-12-10 03:10:53 EST, Tetanurae@aol.com writes:

<< _Psittacosaurus mongoliensis_ would be the only species to remain in that
 genus as it forms a sister clade to all other psittacosaurids.  The stem {P
 youngi > P sinensis} should be a new genus, as should the oposing clade.  P
 ordosensis, and P meileyengensis should be given new generic names since they
 represent "paraphyletic" outgroups to the {sinensis + youngi} node.
 Psittacosaurus sattoyarraki is only part of a dentary that simply shows it
 doesn't fall within the {sinensis + youngi} node. >>

A cladistic analysis of _Psittacosaurus_ defeated Dale Russell and Zhao Xijin.
Why would you think yours is better...?