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herbivory in archosaurs (was Re: CRETACEOUS VARANIDS)

Dr. Holtz wrote:
> On the other hand, omnivory or herbivory has been suggested for
> therizinosauroids, oviraptorosaurs, ornithomimosaurs, and troodontids among
> the non-avian theropods, and omnivory for basal sauropodomorphs
> ("prosauropods") and ceratopsians among the traditional "herbivores".  We
> could discuss the various evidence used to support these hypotheses, if you
> wish.
This would be an interesting thread indeed.

On a broader scope, i.e. when talking of Archosauria, it is perhaps 
interesting to mention that even a highly carnivorous/piscivorous 
clade as Crocodylimorphi at least once gave rise to a (probably) 
herbivorous form, Chimaerasuchus, with teeth reminiscent of those of 
the synapsid Tritylodontidae.
And don't forget aetosaurs as Late Triassic archosaurian herbivores 
or omnivores.

Pieter Depuydt