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Re: whip tails

Whips can make the noise without the little bits at the end, but because having
the  smaller, more flexible bits of leather at the end where the *whip crack* is
actually made, it suddenly becomes easier to make the *whip crack* noise.  That
part is lighter so it goes faster, easier.  Note, just easier...it's a lazy 
way of cracking the whip.  ;]
Some circus preformers used to replace the litle bits on the ends with caps, 
so they never had a 'false' moment in their act.



> Well the new york times science section  had an artical about whip tails and
> said that a computer simulation  by Nathan Myhrvold showed that the super
> sonic tail was possible. He apparently had discussions with Currie. It said gs
> Paul was "well it might be possible but a lot of other people hate the idea".
> Then said Ken Carpender said garbage in garbage out which is reall the case
> hear. I think these people don't really know how the whip works and will our
> local expert (Betty)flame me if  i'm out of line. But as I remember as a young
> amature (guarding my whatevers) it is the bits of cow hide tied to the end
> that really reach these speeds and produce the sound. When you pull the whip
> back the pieces snap together causing the noise. Now if that's true, how the
> hell does the dino replenish its tail pieces because they really wear out
> fast. Anyhow the artical is worth reading for enjoyment if not reality.
> paul sparks