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At 01:34 AM 12/10/97 EST, Peter Bucholz wrote:

>In an ideal world, the genus _Psittacosaurus_ would be split into 5 genera.
>Here is a cladogram of how I see the specific interrelationships of the
>+--+--Psittacosaurus mongoliensis
>|  |--P. sattoyaraki
>|  +--+--P meileyengensis
>|     +--+--P. ordosensis
>|        +--+--+--P. sinensis
>|           |  +--P. xinjiangensis
>|           +--+--P youngi
>|              +--P neimongoliensis

Actually, I've suspected for some time that one or more new genera are going
to be formed out of the taxa currently in _Psittacosaurus_.

I've also thought that "Serenosaurus" would be a very appropriate name for
one of these genera: Paul Sereno did his Ph.D. work redescribing
_Psittacosaurus_, and it was this restudy that led him to two of his
greatest contributions to dinosaur research: travelling to exotic locales in
search of new and better specimens (in this case, some of the Chinese
species of _Psittacosaurus_); and the use of cladistics in dinosaur
classification (this being one of the key taxa in determining the first
version of his Ornithischia cladogram).  However, generic taxa named after
individuals are not currently in favor, so it might be some time (if ever)
before such a taxon was named.

Enough musings for a gloomy, rainy day...

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