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Dinosaur Calendars

Those of us who still need dinosaur wall calendars may have major 
difficulties finding one, as follows: 

> I'm sorry but the book listed below could not be located. 
> It may be an error in our database, or the book may be 
> misshelved. If you still see the entry in our database in 
> a month or so, please feel free to reorder it at that time.         

>   Thanks,                                                                   
>  Keith,  Powell's internet

> Cal97 Ultimate Dinosaur, by Dorling Kindersly
> Published by Dorling Kinddo Not Use (0789406381,19)
>Subject: Calendars-Science
>$9.95  (calendars,calendars wall,Beaverton)
>Price Substitutions allowed w/i >>>> 10 <<<< dollars 
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This was the last great hope.