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A few questions...

First of all, I want to ask about titanosaurid skulls.  Most 
restorations I've seen show a boxy camarasaur like skull, but the recent 
skull shown in National Geographic is a longer, horse-like one, not too 
dissimilar from a diplodicid.  Which is the correct type for 
titanosaurs?  Or was there a lot of variation and both were possible?

Also, what happened to the name Lagosuchus?  Why did it become 

My final question isn't very dinosaur related, but what kind of skin 
might pelycosaurs have had?  I have heard that parsimony might dictate a 
smooth glandular skin, but I'm having trouble imagining exactly what 
kind of skin is being talked about here.  Is there a living animal that 
would have skin like this?

Joshua Dyal

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