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> I've also thought that "Serenosaurus" would be a very appropriate name for
> one of these genera: Paul Sereno did his Ph.D. work redescribing
> _Psittacosaurus_, and it was this restudy that led him to two of his
> greatest contributions to dinosaur research: travelling to exotic locales in
> search of new and better specimens (in this case, some of the Chinese
> species of _Psittacosaurus_); and the use of cladistics in dinosaur
> classification (this being one of the key taxa in determining the first
> version of his Ornithischia cladogram).  However, generic taxa named after
> individuals are not currently in favor, so it might be some time (if ever)
> before such a taxon was named.

What about Lucasuchus, Longosuchus, Parrishia, Chatterjeea, 

Pieter Depuydt