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Dinosaur World, volume 1, number 3

I've just received the new issue of Dinosaur World; this time around 
we're treated to a "ceratopsian special issue."  Here are some of the 
contents which may be of special interest to list members:

*Tracy Ford on ceratopsian limb stance. 

*Interview with Gurney about the stamps.

*Brian Choo on Australian dinosaurs (part II).

*Paleoart superstar John Sibbick on his art.

Each of the above includes very nice illustrations.

There's more, including my favorite sections, John Lanzendorf's column 
"Dino Dirt" and anything written by the editor Allan Debus.  

Chicago hairstylist Lanzendorf, for those of you who don't know, IS the 
paleoart market.  His column (more appropriately called "Dino Dish") 
informs us of things he's bought (that is, everything) and people he's 
had over to his apartment.  I find the concept of this column 

Lanzendorf's column is a hoot but I treasure Allan Debus's 
contributions.  They are masterpieces.  I post some of his more elegant 
turns of phrase on my monitor at work for those times when I'm feeling 
down.  One of my favorites so far from this issue: 

   "The postulated mechanism for these occurrences has an oceanic        

Say what? Another:

  "Continental Creatures' Carcharodontosaurus, perhaps the largest   
allosauroid ever, is one of the finest theropod sculptures I have   seen 

Such praise!  A runner-up is his reference to the current 
"Czechoslovakian Republic."  

Pure entertainment.

Anyway, subscription has been raised to $16.50 for three issues; the 
hike is "[t]o maintain the quality of our production," as Lanzendorf 
announces.  I'd like to tell you where to send your check but after two 
perusals of the rag I can't find a re-upping address!  Here's the e-mail 



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