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Re: "Forensic" Evidence Of Dinosaur Killer

Stig Agermose wrote:
> >From "The Guardian" December 3. URL:
> http://go2.guardian.co.uk/science/881172751-dino.html
> Fire from heaven


> It was an object of between 10 and 14 kilometres in diameter - the
> height of the atmosphere. If it was an asteroid, it arrived at about
> 20km a second. If it was a comet, it would have hit the Earth at 65km a
> second. Creatures in the sea would have been blotted out by clouds of
> debris which screened the Sun, and stopped photosynthesis. Creatures on
> land would have had a worse time. "You get a worldwide firestorm from
> the fallout from the ejecta layer. That is equivalent to putting the
> Earth?s surface under a grill or a broiler for several hours," says
> Warner. "Little dust particles will do it. It?s not the heat of the
> impact they take with them, it?s the heat of re-entry: they come in
> cold and they hit the atmosphere. The whole sky is full of white-hot
> shooting stars for several hours. It would cause even wet surface
> vegetation to spontaneously ignite.

<sigh> Another expert hypnotized by the Doomsday Scenario.  Doomsday
impact theories are disproved by the fossil evidence.  Burn away the
surface vegetation and you wreck the terrestrial ecosystem completely. 
The ecological collapse shown in the fossil record is extensive,
claiming all animals over about ten kilos in mass and many smaller ones,
but it is _not_ complete.  Some groups survived.  And the survivors
included a large number of small endothermic animals, which require
_lots_ of food.  No plants, no food.  No food, all those little mammals
and birds would have starved.  They didn't starve.  Ergo, there must
have still been plants around. 

Not convinced?  Consider oxygen.  Firestorm = lots of oxygen suddenly
gone from the air.  It would have taken decades or centuries for the
oxygen to build back.  In the meantime, what happened to all those
oxygen-breathing animals?

-- JSW