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Re: DinoRuss Hell Creek Field Vertebrate Program

From: Gary Riegler <herricks@cin.net>
>Has anyone heard anything about the previous programs sponsored (i
>think) by the Illinois State Geological Survey in Hell Creek, SD? Im
>thinking about going this summer, and I was just wondering if anyone had
>heard anything pro\con about it. Thanks.

It's a very nice program, very nicely run by Russ and Steve.

I was there the first two summers, during which time we uncovered a good
chunk of an Edmontosaur, parts of a Triceratops, numerous turtles, crocs,
and tons of dino-bits.  Roger Stephenson, who has been all three years,
located a spectacular Pachy skull in the second year.  I don't have all the
details on last year's dig, but I believe their finds were even better than
the first year's.

Don't expect luxury lodging -- you're basically pitching a tent in a
rancher's side yard.  Over the first two years, we had hailstorms, 105
degree heat for a week on end, a plague of grasshoppers, and a
not-too-distant prarie fire.  In other words -- typical field work.

But the rancher and his family are great, the crew is relaxed, the
atmosphere is great, and the cost is minimal.  I highly recommend the trip.
In fact, I intend to be back this year myself.

Mark Sumner
http://www.inlink.com/~range  http://www.simonsays.com/extreme