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Re: A few questions...

At 06:24 AM 12/11/97 PST, Joshua Dyal wrote:
>First of all, I want to ask about titanosaurid skulls.  Most 
>restorations I've seen show a boxy camarasaur like skull, but the 
>skull shown in National Geographic is a longer, horse-like one, not 
>too  dissimilar from a diplodicid.  Which is the correct type for 
>titanosaurs?  Or was there a lot of variation and both were possible?

The early reconstructions were sheer guess-work, as NO titanosaurid skulls
had then been recognized.  Recently it has been argued, with reason, that
_Quaesitoaurus_ and _Nemegtosaurus_, previously considered diplodocids, are
actually titanosaurids.  This is the source of the recent reconstruction
you saw in NG.  if this assignment is right, then these are the only two
known titanosaurid skulls.

>Also, what happened to the name Lagosuchus?  Why did it become 

Not really.  Many people have split the genus into two, leaving only the
type species in _Lagosuchus_.  The better known, that is better preserved,
species was moved to _Marasuchus_. The authors who did this also claimed
(incorrectly in my opinion) that _Lagosuchus_ is a nomen dubium.  (The
paper *did* show that the two forms are not identical, and thus are at the
very least distinct species).

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