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Acrocanthosaurus - Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina...

(2nd attempt--went to AOL?s X-mas Files?)

To follow-up on the October 1997 discussion of the fate of _Acrocanthosaurus
atokensis_, it was bought from Geological Enterprises Inc. by the North
Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences for $3 million.  The skeleton is 54%
complete and will be prepared and mounted by the Black Hills Geological
Institute.  The dinosaur is 40 feet long, 13 feet tall and weighed about 2.6

Dale Russell is quoted as saying, ?We can learn from _Acrocanthosaurus_ how
the history of dinosaurs in the South may have been different than that of the
better known dinosaurs in western North America.?  The skeleton, one of only
four in the world and the only one to be on exhibit, will call home the
museum?s new $55 million facility, scheduled for completion in 1999.  

The full press release is on AOL Newsfind PRNewswire, but I didn?t see it in
the NY Times or on other news services.