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Re: "Forensic" Evidence Of Dinosaur Killer

JSW wrote:

>The problem is that in every version of the impact theory I've ever
>seen, the upper limit and lower limit cross.  A ten-mile-diameter
>planetoid is simply too large to have produced _only_ the effects that
>we see in the fossil record.  It should have done much, much more.  

Why should it?  Look at the extreme cases.  

1) The object is needle-shaped and comes in end-on.  It slices through the
crust like butter and  expends all its energy warming up the mantle and
pushing the Earth.  Result: a little local vulcanism, an earthquake or two,
and we're done.  Romulus and Remus are suckled by a cyanodont, and this
message is written to you by a descendant of Sinraptor.

2) The object is pancake-shaped and "laid out across the sky like a patient
etherized upon a table."  It comes in at an acute angle like a frisbee and
explodes just under the surface.  Result: the biosphere looks like Venus for
a few millenia.  Romulus and Remus are raised on algae and this message is
written to you by an annelid worm, if at all.

There's a lot of room for almost any result.  The geological record, as I
understand it, is consistent with something in between.  That is, Romulus
and Remus were raised by a canid and this message is written to you by
someone who is only politically a dinosaur.

  --Toby White

P.S.  It occurs to me that we've had this exchange before, and perhaps too
recently for it to be edifying or amusing to anyone on the list.  For that
reason, I think this will be my last on the topic.  You're invited to take
the last swing, if you like.  I'll spend months plotting my revenge (Fools
-- I'll show them all!  Bwahahaha!)