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Hell Creek 98, can't wait! (2)

Hey y'all,
(I'm resending this to thie list because I never saw my first attempt
posted, thus the (2) after the message title. Hopefully my posting
privalages aren't in limbo)

Gary Riegler, (herricks@cin.net) wrote asking about MY diggins, actually
the diggins co-led by Dr.Steve (Arnold) Sroka and Dino Russ (aka Russ
Jacobson). How would I rate the experience? As far as I am concerned this
is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. Having said that, and
meaning it, I'll be going back for my fourth year next summer. I have met
some people I would now trust my life to, (and almost have). Hell Creek
fossils are so astounding, when found well preserved, and there's a
multitude of fossils. We are not only recovering some really good
Triceratops horridis material, a possible complete skull, Nodosaurs,
Hadrosaurs, Theropod, croc, turtle and unidentified disarticulated material
of some interest. We also find invertebrates, flora, and traces of superub
quality. My only regret is I can't do more of it, I mean two weeks a summer
is not nearly enough time to ge the ammount of work done we'd like. Yet we
do what we can to save some bones from turning to gravel and powder.

This entire experience is one I would rather not live without. several of
us will be back for our third and fourth years.

I got involved because of my mouthing off on this very list. NOT wanting to
participate in one of the more high cost to participant type digs we see
advertised here,and anxious as hell to learn about properly extracting
dinosaur bones from the earth. I did, and continue. There is nothing like
holding a jacketed bone on your lap as you ride out from the quarry in a

If you want more info write me off-list, you'll get it.

Roger A. Stephenson
Hell Creek Homey

Not g'back? Them's fightin' wards, pardner!