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Re: Sad Songs Make Me Cry (Was Parasaurolophus Greastest Hits)

Anybody remember 14-year-old Della Drury and her 9th grade science project last
year/this year? She replicated the parasaurolophus' sound using rudimentary
materials, including plastic pipe. I talked to Della when this story came out
and asked her how the sound compared to the sound she came up with. Her
response: "Sounds just like mine!"
And as Associated Press media said to me, "And I'll bet she did it without a
Kudos to New Mexico, but bigger ones to Della. You may recall, Della received
the 1997 Young Scientist Award for her efforts.
And by the way, keep us posted on any young scientists you think deserve
recognition for 1998.
Ellen Sue Blakey
Education Director, Big Horn Basin Foundation & The Wyoming Dinosaur Center

> There are now a couple of web sites that feature Parasaurolophus? song.  One
> is at
> http://www.sandia.gov
> and the other is at
> http://www.nmmnh-abq.mus.nm.us/nmmnh/soundsandimages.html
> The latter, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History site, offers several
> different ways to hear the modern version of the ancient call.  It is really
> quite eerie and thrilling.