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Hell Creek Dig

Since several asked the question about our next years Hell Creek Dinosaur
Expedition (4th year at this location - our 8th recruiting/leading crews
for this and other digs) in South Dakota I thought it was time for a short
post on our dig in case there are others new to this list who have not seen
my web pages (Dino Russ's Lair} or know about our dig program for the
public. The URL is below in my sig.

We have a 5 slots left in week one of the dig and a 18 left for week two,
but for some reason interest has picked up so I recommend you register soon
if you are especially interested in the dates for week one.

Below is basically the info from my main page on this dig. Check out the
registration form for more info or the Hell Creek page for info on our
previous summer expeditions.

If you want more information than is our our web pages feel free to ask
Steve Sroka or myself. I will be in field doing geological mapping next
week and gone on Christmas vacation after that but will get back to you
when I return. Steve should be around until December 25th when he and his
family will be on a short vacation. His current work number is 217-333-3833

  Hell Creek Field Expedition week of July 27th, 1998 and August 2, 1998

*Have you always wanted to participate on one of the dinosaur digs you
watched on TV or read about in books about dinosaurs?

*Are you wanting to experience the thrill of discovery of fossil remains
that have not seen the light of day since 65 million years ago?

*Do you want to learn the techniques that vertebrate paleontologists use in
exploration and excavation of dinosaur and associated fossils?

*Are you a teacher who wants to gain a valuable hands-on experience you can
utilize in your class room or a student wanting to gain skills in this

*Are you a parent who has a budding paleontologist in your own family who
wants to encourage this person?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then this is a program you
should seriously consider joining in 1998!

Plans are being made now to offer a field program exploring for and
excavating dinosaurs and other vertebrates in the Hell Creek Formation near
Lemmon, South Dakota. This program will be offered in July and August 1998
and this program will continue our exciting exploration and excavation work
from the 1997 season.

Registration will be limited to a maximum of 20 persons per week and will
cost $400 per person. Families are most welcome (and encouraged) but all
children must be 13 years old or older in order to register. As always,
children must be accompanied by a paid adult (parent or guardian) in our
program. Registration is now open--please use the registration form to
register for the dig. A deposit of $250 must be sent with registration for
each person to Russ Jacobson (see address on registration form). For more
information about the program download a copy of the registration form and
see the information about previous years expeditions on my web pages (1995,
1996, 1997).

The registration form is located at:


More info about our Hell Creek program can be found at:


But I do encourage you to check out Dino Russ's lair for more info on our
digs and dinosaurs in general!

In order to keep costs low for the most people possible this dig does not
include transportation to the ranch or most sites (which are largely
accessable by street vehicles), any food, or camping supplies. Camping fees
($3 per day per person paid to rancher) are also extra.

 Description of field program:

 Geology: Hell Creek Formation, Upper Cretaceous

 Loation: Private Ranch Near Lemmon, South Dakota:

  The field work will include the excavation, collecting, and documenting
of dinosaur, other vertebrates, as well as the invertebrate fauna and plant
flora from the Hell Creek Formation on a private ranch north central, South

  The Hell Creek Formation is of Upper Cretaceous age (65 million years
old) and is the major formation that contains such well known dinosaurs as
Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops. Some of the vertebrate material already
recovered from this site include: hadrosaurs (duckbill dinosaurs),
ceratopsians (horned dinosaurs such as Triceratops), nodosaurs,
pachycephalosaurs, tyrannosaurid, crocodiles, fish, and amphibians. Each
year seems to be more exciting than the last and yet each season represents
a great experience for both the leadership and members of the field

  Primary work for the 1998 will include the following exciting tasks:

  *Excavation and removal of a possibly complete Triceratops skull

  *Excavation of a new Triceratops bone bed found in the summer of 1997

  *Excavation of other Triceratops remains found in previous seasons

  *Continued work at previously found hadrosaur sites (duckbills-

  *Continued work at our "microvertebrate" sites where small dinosaur and
other vertebrate remains are recovered each year.

  *Collection and documentation of the invertebrate fauna and plant flora
associated with the dinosaur remains in the Hell Creek on this ranch.

  *Exploration work, learning how to find and locate new sites for excavation

  *Continued recovery of new material exposed at previous sites known to be
productive for dinosaurian and other vertebrate remains.

                    Dates for the 1998 Field Season
                    WEEK ONE.
                           Arrival time: Sunday July 26, 1998, 3PM MST
                           Dig begins: July 27, 1998
                           Dig ends: August 1, 1998
                           Departure from ranch: noon, August 1, 1998
                    WEEK TWO
                           Arrival time: Sunday August 2, 1998, 3PM MST
                           Dig begins: August 3, 1998
                           Dig ends: August 7, 1998
                           Departure from ranch: noon, August 8, 1998

  Russ Jacobson                     EMAIL:jacobson@geoserv.isgs.uiuc.edu
  Vertebrate Paleontologist         FAX: 217-333-2830
  and Stratigrapher                 217-244-2426   Home Phone: 217-384-6983
  222 NRB, 615 E Peabody            DINO RUSS: who lives, eats,
  Illinois Geological Survey        breathes and smells dinosaurs!!!
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