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Dryptosaurus, Deltadromeus, and Bahariasaurus

Lately I've heard conjecture that Dryptosaurus may be very similar to
Deltadromeus, and Bahariasaurus may also be similar to Deltadromeus.  Which
leads to a couple of questions:

(A.)  Wasn't Dryptosaurus thought to be a whole lot bigger than
Deltadromeus, with weights of around one ton or more for full grown

(B.)  How big was Deltadromeus known to get, and was the specimen found a
subadult, or a mature individual?  (I ask this seeing that the animal seems
to already have been prepped and mounted).

(C.)  And what about Bahariasaurus?  I've seen it described as anything
from a ~4-ton allosauroid similar to Carcharodontosaurus, to an animal
almost identical to Deltadromeus.

(D.)  Finally, what about the idea that these things (and Baryonyx and
Spinosaurus) were all distant radiations of Celophysis via Dilophosaurus?
Is that still a current hypothesis?  I always thought that was kinda nifty,
based on the traits they seem to share, especially the "kinked" snout.

Seth Ellestad.