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Hey everyone,

I'm just informing you all of some new photos and illustrations of mine that
can be seen on Mike Keesey's webpage:


There are some photos I took at SVP (no people) of Gorgosaurus, Herrerasaurus,
Maiasaura (adult and baby), Majungatholus (admitedly dark, but from 3
different views), Stenonychosaurus, and the stretch-snout Daspletosaur.
Additionally, I have plenty-o-jpegs of a lot more stuff both in Chicago and
Bozeman, including Archaeopteryx bavarica, the Brachiosaur mount, all of the
MOR exhibets etc that are your's for the asking.

Also, there are some new drawings of mine.there as well.  One is of the skull
of Bugenasaura infernalis.  Then there are three of Sinosauropteryx.  One is a
detailed drawing of the slab illustrated in Audubon, focusing on the head and
shoulder area.  You should notice I took great care in illustrating the fibres
as they are visible in the photo: overlapping, splitting, crossing, etc.
There is also one of the skull reconstructed.  Additionally, there is a
reconstruction of the whole skeleton.  The thumb claw is too short and the
antebrachium too long, I know, but everything else is a-ok as far as I can
tell.  Come by, tell me what you think.

By the way, all these new illustrations are all specifically at the page:


Peter Buchholz

What?  How do you know she has a cat?