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Requested to Review: Fossil Site

You are invited to review Fossil Horses in Cyberspace, a virtual exhibit
about paleontology and the fossil record of horses developed by the Florida
Museum of Natural History.  As a thank you for your participation,  you
will be entered into a drawing for a replica of the lower jaw of an
18-million-year-old horse and other prizes!

To review the site and qualify for the drawing, first visit the site at
After you have browsed the site, please go to the questionnaire at
to enter your comments.  IMPORTANT:  Be sure to look for the question, "How
did you find out about this site?"  Select, "Requested to review this

I am requesting the help of the members of this listserver because you
represent one of the important groups we wish to serve.  The people on this
list are amateur paleontologists (or "nonprofessionals" if you prefer) and
natural history buffs, and you are one of our target audiences.

In addition to completing the questionnaire, you also may forward comments
directly to me.  Thanks so much for your help!!

(FHC is funded by the State of Florida and National Science Foundation.)

Missi Mercer, FHC Project Marketing Coordinator
Florida Museum of Natural History