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Re: Oz dromaeosaurs

>Brian Choo wrote:
>> You are right in that the Australian dromaeosaur material is based solely
>> on teeth (over 30 teeth known from Dinosaur Cove and Flat Rocks in
>> Victoria)

> Another thing I completely forgot to mention, there some theropod (pedal?)
> phalanges from Lightning Ridge, NSW that have a really high collateral pit,
> rather like those I've seen figured for Deinonychus.

>From the "For what it's worth" Department:

According the Currie, in most theropods, a really high collateral
pit ("high" in terms of being more dorsally situation on the lateral
and medial flank(s) of the ginglymoid) is indicative of a penultimate
phalanx (the phalanx articulating with the ungual).  I don't have
the ref. around at present, but it *may* have been in his CJES
paper on _Sinraptor dongi_ or one of the other papers in that
Sino-Canadian dino-compendium.