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Peter Buchholz said:

>There are some photos I took at SVP (no people) of Gorgosaurus, Herrerasaurus,
>Maiasaura (adult and baby), Majungatholus (admitedly dark, but from 3
>different views), Stenonychosaurus, and the stretch-snout Daspletosaur.
>Additionally, I have plenty-o-jpegs of a lot more stuff both in Chicago and
>Bozeman, including Archaeopteryx bavarica, the Brachiosaur mount, all of the
>MOR exhibets etc that are your's for the asking.

Thanks to you and Mike for posting this stuff.  I'd been looking for a
Daspletosaur in particular.  If you have any more of him or his close
relatives, I'd love to see them (drawings, too).  

I have bunch of questions on the Daspletosaurus, but I'll stick to the most
basic ones.  Please pardon my lack of familiarity with anatomical terms.

What's the scale?  

The proximal portion of the lower jaw looks outsize.  Come to think of it,
it does on a lot of archosaurs.  Why?

Any guesses on the function (if any) of the "horns" ?  If they were muscle
attachment points, what muscles would they most likely anchor?

What is that projection into the oral cavity just below what I take to be
the orbit?

Thanks again.

  --Toby White