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Re: How to make cladiograms....

At 12:32 PM 12/15/97 +0100, Jo Vaagan wrote:
>My ambission is to make a complete dinosaur cladiogram. I know that it`s
>impossible, but I want to give it a try.
>But, there is a LARGE but... I have not done any cladiogram work
>So now I need some help. If any of you nice souls at this superb list
>could send me an e-mail with some good advices of how to do this, and
>maybe some examples of some clads I would be very pleased..

   For those who don't already know, T. Mike Keesey maintains "complete"
dinosaur cladograms on his website, and I maintain a graphical copy of his
cladograms (including a huge one of ALL the cladograms put together) on my
site.  On my site, look for the Dinosauria Cladogram in the Omnipedia at
http://www.dinosauria.com.  There is also a link to Mike's site in the
introduction of my copy of his cladograms.

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