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Re: Titanosaurs

At 11:58 PM 12/12/97 PST, you wrote:
>There are only two titanosaurs skulls known that are verifiably 
>titanosaur, right? I'm not sure I want to include *Nemegtosaurus* and 
>*Quaesitosaurus* in that main grouping, for their skulls look too much 
>like diplodocids than they do the one skull belonging to 

Beware of some of the past restorations of the Mongolian sauropod skulls.
The nasal region is sheared off and/or crushed in both specimens.  In
general form, the remaining portions of either a brachiosaur or a
diplodocoid skull are actually fairly similar, although they differ in the
details.  According to some (Wilson, Calvo, etc.), the details of the
braincase of the Mongolian sauropods are much more like titanosaurs and
brachiosaurs than like diplodocoids.

Unfortunately, the one photo I've seen of the new Argentine titanosaur skull
ALSO seems to be sheared off or crushed in the same spot!  Ugh!

(However, I've heard some interesting things about the Madagascan material...).

>The skull of *Argentinosaurus*, on the other hand,

Isn't known, as far as I know.

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