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New refs #5

Some various publications of potential interest:

Two from Oklahoma Geology Notes, 57(5), 1997

Cifelli, Richard. Dinosaur Trackway, Cimarron County. P. 158.
    A quick general note on some Morrison Fm. Trackways from OK.

Reisz, R.R., H. Wilson & D. Scott. Varanopseid synapsid skeletal
   elements from Richards Spur, a Lower Permian fissure fill near
   Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Pp. 160-170.

   A fissure fill deposit with Captorhinus dominating and with material
from the varanopseid Mycterosaurus. They synonymize the synapsid
Basicranodon fortsillensis with M. Longiceps.

And other stuff...

Benton, M.J., E. Cook, D. Grigorescu, E. Popa & E. Tallodi. 1997. 
   Dinosaurs and other tetrapods in an Early Cretaceous bauxite-
   Filled fissure, northwestern Romania. Paleo3 130:275-292.

More fissure stuff from the Lower Cretaceous islands on the northern
shore of Tethys. Faunas tend to be dwarfed and theropods and
sauropods tend to be absent or very rare. Ornithopods are the main

Benton, M.J. 1997. Models for the diversification of life. Trends in
   Ecology and Evolution (TREE) 12(12):490-495.

Discusses apparent differences in patterns of diversification between
marine faunas and continental faunas through time. Marine faunas,
as demonstrated by Sepkoski, tend to be logistic whereas continental
faunas tend to diversify exponentially. Discusses possible reasons.

Clack, J.A. 1997. Devonian tetrapod trackways and trackmakers;
   a review of the fossils and footprints. Paleo3 130:227-250.

Reviews the current material available for Upper Devonian tetra-
pods - a growth industry of late - and notes that known trackways
don't seem to have been produced by any of them, unless they
were formed under water. Suggests that no tetrapods or limbs with
digits seem to predate the Frasnian.

Mazin, J.-M., P. Hantzpergue, J.-P. Bassoullet, G. Lafaurie & P. Vignaud.
   1997. Le gisement de Crayssac (Tithonien inferieur, Quercy, Lot,
   France): Decouverte de pistes de dinosaures en place et premier
   bilan ichnologique.  C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Sci. De la Terre et des
   planetes, 325:733-739.

Upper Jurassic (Tithonian) site with trace fossils including pterosaur
prints, typical tridactyl prints (theropods), sauropods, ornithopods,
crodocylomorphs?, Turtles and various inverts.