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Acrocanthosaurus - Rest in pieces

Caitlin R. Kiernan wrote:

> Agreed. Actually, I looked back through the most recent 
> Geological Enterprises catalogue (which still had the 
> _Acrocanthosaurus_ skeleton listed) and the price tag included a 
> "complete mounted cast," so perhaps the fossil itself will be kept 
> unmounted and accessible to researchers.

And Steve Jackson wrote that he thought the real bone should be on display.

I talked to Dale Russell this morning.  The _Acrocanthosaurus_ skeleton will
be fitted to an iron frame, using the original bones in the exhibit.  However,
the bones will not be firmly attached, and individual bones will be removable
for scientific study.  The fossil bones will not be harmed or damaged in any

The fossil itself is ?squished? sideways.  It has not yet been decided in
which pose _Acrocanthosaurus_ will be mounted.  Considerations are the best
fit for the new gallery at the museum and the general content of the display,
which will feature the environment of North Carolina during the time the
animal may have lived there.