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Re: Fossil dung from Islay

The following was forwarded from Garrison Hilliard; listproc didn't
like it because it thought the fact that it started with the word
"report" was suspicious.  Anyhoo, I thought this might be of some
interest, so I'm passing it along:

From: skeptix@cyberwarped.com (Mark O'Leary)
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Fossil dung from Islay
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 05:11:12 GMT

Report on Radio 4 this morning that a paper is soon to come out
describing fossilised dung that dates to 600 million years old: thats
50 million years or so older than the currently accepted date for the
oldest animal with a mouth and gut. The droppings reportedly display
the characteristic ridging associated with peristalsis.

The Isle of Islay is destined to become quite busy with fossil hunters
investigating this extraordinary site, and Scottish Heritage is
looking into protecting the area as a scientific site of interest.

Apparently, the principal researcher of these samples has had then for
15 years but was loathe to publish since the date seemed so unlikely.


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