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Re: Dryptosaurus, Deltadromeus, and Bahariasaurus

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
>No, just imagination (there is very little known of the skull of Drypto,
>either!).  If they had kept it a generic-looking tetanurine, that wouldn't
>be glad.  However, they stick on this three-pronged lacrimal, which I
>strongly suspect is going to show up in published art in the next few
>years...  Ugh!

Just the end of a lower jaw, as far as I know.

>Well, the HAVE found new Spinosaurus material, including a skull.  However,
>the published material concerns Baryonyx and the Brazilian forms.

New Spinosaurus material--good news!  But when did this happen?  How much
of it do they know they have now?  Brazilian forms--hmm.  Didn't know there
were any of those.  What are they exactly?

Seth Ellestad.